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French Art Deco Figural Female Statue
Sculptor: Pierre Le Faguays, LeVerrier foundry mark
Circa 1920's, France


Beautiful French Art Deco dancer with up stretched arms.
She is topless, wearing a headband and short skirt that has a textured fishscale design and side drapes, reminiscent of the outfits worn by the infamous Josephine Baker.

Well executed, this charming statue shows great attention to detail and displays LeFaguay's talent for sculpting the female form. Bronzed white metal statue, with a slightly silvered tone, depending on the lighting.
She is mounted on the original porto marble base that has a carved border detail.
Perfect to adorn a small table, console, desk or vanity. 
The size makes this easy to place, in a collection of figural nudes, or on her own.

Fayral Signature in the metal, on back of the metal base.
Fayral was one of the pseudonyms used by famed French sculptor Pierre Le Faguays.
(Le Faguays also used the name Guerbe) Fayral and Guerbe were both the family names for his Mother and his Wife. 
Le Faguays was born in Nantes, France and became famous for the originality he gave his dancers, 
many of which were inspired by the statues of Tanagra. He gained a medal of honour for his work in 1927. 
He was one of Max Le Verrier's best friends and the Le Verrier foundry made most of his pieces.

Dimension: 16 1/4" high, 8 1/4" wide, 3 1/2" deep.

Condition: In excellent original condition. The statue fits into the base with a slot, as shown in photos.

Item # DAS95: Price: $ 3,600.

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