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French Art Deco Theatrical Dancer Statue
Artist:  Georges-Abel Vandevoorde, known as Van de Voorde
Circa 1920's, France


Charming sculpture of a beautiful semi-nude dancer, draped at the waist 
and wearing an exotic crown style headband. Her hair is pulled back into two ponytails.
Two tone Bronze finish, over spelter, as her draped attire and hair are slightly darker than her body tone.
She is holding (faux ivory) bakelite cymbals and is displayed on the original black porto marble base.
Unsigned, but attributed to Georges-Abel Vandevoorde

Dimensions: 15 3/4" high, *" wide, 4 1/2" deep.

Condition: In excellent original condition.

Item # DAS90: Price: $ 1,200.

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Bio: Van de Voorde; AKA Georges-Abel Vandevoorde (1878-1970) Belgian Sculptor and medallist. 
He was a student of artists such as Constant Devreese and Julien Dillens. 
Assisted Victor Rousseau and worked at his atelier for 7 years. 
Vandevoorde also worked as an instructor and later became president of an art-academy. 
He won the Second Prize Godecharle in 1905 and regularly showed his work at international exhibitions. 

He sculpted several monuments, including a war-memorial in Brussels, the sculpture of Pieter Coutereel in Louvain and the monument of Saint John Nepomucenus which was his last monumental design, and coincidentally is located in his birthplace of Kortrijk, Belgium. 
He created portrait-busts of famous people which can be seen in parks all over Belgium.
He worked in many mediums, including ivory, clay, stone, wood, spelter and bronze.

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