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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Leaping Gazelles Statue
Sculptor/ Artist: Max LeVerrier
Circa early 1920's, France


Wonderful and rare French Art Deco Bronze statue, depicting a group of three leaping gazelles.
Elegant and beautifully proportioned, with graceful movement as the gazelles leap forward in the stylized grass, cantilevered over the original marble base. The original rich bronze patina is intact. 

This statue was thoughtfully constructed, in 2 pieces that interlock like a puzzle, at the grass, 
for ease of moving and shipping. This is an early piece from Max LeVerrier when he was
using various pseudonyms on his pieces, such as 'Artus'. This style of gazelles were used
on the famous 'Group Atalante' sculpture.
This was in his early period, where he specialized in animals.

Signed 'Rulas' in the corner of the black marble base. 
The number 1 is stamped in the bronze on the underside of the top bronze section,
and is only visible when disassembled.

A great piece to display on a small buffet, console or sofa table. 
You may also wish to display this as a centerpiece on a coffee table or rectangular dining table, 
as this piece looks great from all angles.

Dimensions: 26" wide, 10 7/8" high, 5 1/8" deep.

Condition: In excellent original condition. Minor age related flea bites on the base, as shown.

DAS82: Price: $ 6,800.

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Bio: Max Le Verrier was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, in 1891. From an early age he showed great promise as an artist and sculptor; and after serving in the French army during World War I, he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva. During his studies in Switzerland he met fellow sculptors Pierre le Faguays and Marcel Bouraine, who became close friends and with whom he collaborated for much of his life. Upon completing his studies, le Verrier returned to France in 1919, and founded his own studio in Paris. It was at this time that he created his first popular sculpture - the famous 'Pelican' - which was the first of a long line of animal figures that bore his name. 

LeVerrier was awarded a Gold medal for his sculptures at the 1925 Paris l'Exposition des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels (the famous exhibition from which the term 'Art Deco' was derived). In 1926, Le Verrier opened his own foundry, casting pieces for a wide range of French sculptors of the period, including Pierre Le Faguays, Marcel Bourain, Janle, Denis, and Charles. From the outset, he gained a reputation for the very high quality work, exceptional detailing and accuracy of the items that his firm produced. At the same time as running his foundry, le Verrier continued to sculpt his own creations, and in the 1920's he became famous for his studies of woman as part of the Art Deco era's fascination with the ideal female form. His female figures are characterised by a lithe athleticism and perfect symmetry; and are highly regarded and much sought after. 

LeVerrier continued working throughout the 1930's - receving a medal of honour at the Paris International Exhibition in 1937 - before being arrested in 1944 for his resistance activities against the Nazi-backed regime. He reopened his studio after World War II, and continued to sculpt until his death in 1973.

Additional pictures below:


Pics below show the 2 piece interlocking assembly:

Reverse side:



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