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Rare French Art Deco Trumeau Wall Mirror with signed Oil Painting
Framed in 12Kt White Gold Leafing with 23 Yellow gold accents
Dated signature, 1937, France

Extremely Rare French Art Deco period Trumeau Decorative wall mirror
with signed oil painting. Two toned gilded design allows you to use this with white or yellow
metals in your décor. A rare and elegant mirror, ideal for an entryway or over a buffet.
This is the first true Art Deco Trumeau we have ever had the pleasure to offer.
This is also the first we have ever seen.

Framed in the original wood frame that was hand carved, covered  with gesso and finished with
a 12 kt White and 23carat yellow gold, water gilded decoration.
Stylized floral and fan decoration are created in the corners of the mirror frame.
Original mirror intact.

The signed oil painting that is featured over the mirror is signed, with a signature that appears
to read ‘M. Thieftey, 1937.’ The Nature themed scenic painting features a man and woman watching
a sunset over water. The forest frames the painting with foliage and natural elements.

The 12 carat white gold and 23 carat yellow gold leaf was painstakingly applied with the old world
methods rarely used today, such as water gilding. The 12 carat white gold leaf has a soft patina
and warmer cast than the silver or metal leaf finishes that are more common.

Water gilding is a more elaborate process requiring greater preparation, but its elegance and
refinement of finish are unsurpassed. Water gilding is used mainly for picture frames, furniture, 
religious artifacts, sculpture, objects d'art and also for the embellishment of stately buildings. 

The process essentially consists of applying six to twelve coats of gesso to the substrate to 
produce a very fine smooth surface, followed by four to eight coats of bole, a refined clay available
in various colors. The bole is polished to a fine finish (any flaws or grit would ruin the appearance of the
gilding), coated with dilute size and allowed to dry. The surface is then wetted with water and gold leaf
is laid onto it immediately; as the water soaks into the gesso it quickly draws the gold into close
contact with the surface. When dry, any loose fragments of gold leaf are skewed off as in oil gilding and
the surface is given a protective coat of ormolu size to enhance the color and uniformity of the gilding.
Ormolu size is a mixture of weak size and lacquer colored with a little orange-red resin called
'dragon's blood'. It is common for different elements of a water-gilded piece to be given contrasting
finishes to enhance the design. This effect is called 'bright and matt' gilding. The bright passages
are usually gilded twice but they are not ormolu sized. Instead they are burnished with a burnishing tool,
a polished rounded stone agate set in a wooden handle, to produce a mirror finish.

This mirror was restored employing this period appropriate, old world tradition.

Overall Dimensions: 54 ˝ ” high, 31 1/8” wide.
Mirror alone: 29 7/8” high, 24 1/8” wide.

Condition: Mirror Frame is in excellent restored (June 2009) condition. The painting has had
minor professional restoration (also in June 2009). The original mirror is in very good original
condition, showing minor age. Please see the images below that show the mirror facing the blue
skies, to see mirror condition and close ups.

Please note: As with all of our mirrors, the original mirror itself is left intact when possible.
Of course they can be re-silvered or replaced if you prefer a new mirror. You may have this done
by your local glass shop, or we have this done for you, for an additional fee, by our glass shop.

FADM140: Price: $ 9,800.

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Additional photos below:





Additional photos below show the mirror facing the blue sky, to show age on the mirror:




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