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Mid-Century Modern Danish Armchairs, Pair
New ‘Old Stock’ from Selig of Denmark

Angular Teak Frame with new C.O.M. upholstery.
Disk label under seat of each: “Made and finished in Denmark Imported by Selig”
The unused frames were discovered in a warehouse,
and are now being given a fresh chance in life with new upholstery.
You also have the option of purchasing the frames alone (to save on shipping costs)
and have your own upholsterer construct the back and seat.

Selig had the finished wood components of all its designs made in Denmark;
other parts like drawers, upholstery, and non-visible framing members were made in America.
Selig then combined the Danish and American parts to produce its finished products;
customers got an authentic Danish look and feel at lower cost.

Dimensions: 39” high back, 34” wide,  34” deep.

Condition: In excellent condition,
new upholstery cushioning and upholstered with your fabric.
Frames are in new condition with a light waxed finish.

Item # FADCC104: Price: $ 4,200 pair, COM
Only 1 pair left!

Please note; the chairs pictured above, shown in beige leather have now been sold,
only COM and frames are available at this time.
Please Email us if you need photos of what the frames alone look like!

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Additional photos below:


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