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Decodame.com's  Book / Magazine Publications, Television Show Projects,
and Adventures 'out & about in the Design World' :

Decodame.com is happy to supply press kits to the publishing industry upon request...

Television Projects:

Decodame on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Decodame.com is proud to announce our participation in 2 episodes of
the Emmy Award winning, top rated  ABC Prime Time Television Show, 
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition'
Watch this internationally viewed show on Sunday nights on ABC
at 8pm Eastern time / 7 pm Central, just before 'Desperate Housewives'...

Repeats of these episodes can currently be seen in syndication
on TV Land and CMT cable TV channels.
Watch the Bliven episode online now, in 3 parts, by clicking here.
Including footage from the Tim McGraw concert on part 2.
Home Reveal show in part 3. Please note: Lorial opted to stay off camera for this show!

Lorial's Mom, Design producer Melissa Givens and Lorial in Minot, ND

A special thanks to ABC and to design producer Melissa Givens from Extreme Makeover,
Home Edition for selecting us to take part in these memorable projects.
We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to take part in such a rewarding experience.

The Bliven Family, Minot, ND:

The Blivens were given a beautiful new home
and the town was given a remodeled baseball field.

Welcome home Bliven Family! (Photos taken by Lorial)

The first episode we contributed to aired on October 15, 2006 at 8pm Eastern time
and on June 3, 2007. Episode # 404, ' The Bilven Family ' in Minot, North Dakota
Follow the ABC TV link above to see the Decodame listing under the Ocean Liner themed room for Kristen Bliven (shown below with Ty Pennington and Lorial of Decodame)

Kristen Bliven, Ty Pennington and Lorial of Decodame

Decodame.com was chosen by the producers of Extreme Makeover
to assist them with their first Art Deco themed room, in the show's (then) 4 year history.
Lorial was also the first outside designer to decorate one of the show's rooms.
Decodame supplied all the furniture, lighting and decorative objects for
18 year old Kristen Bliven's Art Deco Ocean liner themed bedroom.
Working closely with Eduardo Xol, we created a dream bedroom suite for Kristen Bliven.

Lorial's mom, Michelle Bliven, Lorial, Paige and Melissa

It was a pleasure to work on this project with Eduardo Xol,
Paige Hemmis, Paul, Johnny and of course Ty Pennington.
We'd also like to thank the folks in Minot for their generosity in helping the Bliven family.
They helped us fill Kristen's large walk-in closet with a brand new wardrobe
and her personalized Art Deco jewelry box with some serious bling!

5 months later, we received the call from Extreme once again, this time closer to home...
in Tampa, Florida.

Marine (Lorial's assistant)  and Lorial in Tampa during 'move in'

 Eduardo Xol of EMHE with Lorial

This second episode we participated in aired on March 4th, 2007 at 8pm eastern time.
 Episode # 416, ' The Tate Family ' in Tampa, Florida.
Follow the ABC TV link above to see the Decodame listing under Furnishings

This Modern Spanish inspired home was a exciting change of pace for the cast & crew.

It was great to see the cast and crew once again to take part in another exciting
and rewarding project.  We also wish to thank our local friends and talented vendors
who also quickly answered our request
and happily participated in this show, making it a big success.


Donald Trump's  Celebrity Apprentice on NBC...
The 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 TV season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' and 'The Apprentice'
Watch Sunday Nights on NBC and during the week on CNBC..

Decodame's Art Deco (Macassar Ebony) Executive Desk Set (pictured above)
was selected for the set of The Celebrity Apprentice,
at Mr. Trump's place at the infamous conference table,
where his trademark statement  " you're fired!" is declared each week..

On the empty Conference room set of The Celebrity Apprentice:

Season 4 of The Celebrity Apprentice 2011:

Season 3 of The Celebrity Apprentice 2010

The cast of Season 2 in the boardroom:


The Cast of Season 1 in the boardroom:


Below are some of the recent publications we are proud to be represented in.
Many of the items pictured in these books are available for sale on the decodame website

Art Deco Collector's and Antique Guides by Judith Miller

Judith Miller's well known and superbly compiled series of Collector's Guides books
now includes a brand new line of all color well designed books on Art Deco, Antiques and Collectables;
featuring numerous photo contributions from decodame.com

Available at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com

Please note, all items in the 13 Judith Miller books shown below, that belong to Decodame.com
have a dealer code of 'DD' under the photos or are attributed to Decodame.com in the back of the book...
Many of these items are currently offered for sale throughout this website...

Follow this link to Judith Millers publishing website
and learn more about her extensive series of Collector's Guide books


The Modern - Newsletter of the Detroit Area Art Deco Society, Summer 2005



The Search Continues...

Article by Lorial - decodame.com

link to the Modern article online


Follow this link for the Detroit Area Art Deco Society

Collecting Art Deco by Tony Fusco

Featuring many items from Decodame.com



'The Official Price Guide to Costume Jewelry' by Harrice Simmons Miller

Decodame.com is listed on page 299
of the dealer guide








Magazine Publications:
 The Premiere Issue of At Home from Gulfshore Life Jan 2010
A new upscale publication featuring home design and products
of the finest luxury homes in the Naples, FL area

Featuring lighting & furniture products from Decodame.com,
the contemporary modern Italian ceiling fixture shown below is item # LADC200

Our fabulous tea cart, item # FADBTC40 is also featured

Along with a repeat of ceiling fixture, item # LADC200, below

View the new issue of At Home online here

 January 2010 issue of Architectural Digest
 See our Jay Spectre Club Chairs (still available) Item # FADCC139, on page 94,
where AD has listed Jay Spectre as one of the top 20 designers of all time.

These actual chairs were previously featured in the May 2008
"Great Design" issue of Architectural Digest...

See our Jay Spectre Club Chairs (still available) Item # FADCC139, featured on Pg 268

Architectural Digest September 2008
Designer's Own Homes Issue

See our French Art Deco Mantel Clock, item # DACL28, featured on Pg 90.
(sorry, this clock has since been sold)

You can also see Architectural Digest online

and featured in their online timepieces article linked here.



Sarasota Homes & Lifestyles Magazine - Anniversary Issue 2007

Decodame.com lighting, item # LADC100 is featured (pg.21)
 in this upscale lifestyle magazine from SW Florida.


Newspaper Publications:


December 2008-Jan 2009: Decodame was featured in an AP (associated Press) article, that has been published worldwide via Broadcast News websites, Magazines and Newspaper home sections.
The above Decodame items are pictured in this article.
Read the article by AP (Associated Press) author Kim Cook by clicking on any of the links below:








An article from TampaBay.com / St. Petersburg Times
on a classic Art Deco house restoration featuring many pieces from Decodame.com

Read the article here...

'Out & About' in the Design World:

March 2011: Lorial of Decodame with the talented (and very witty !) Alexa Hampton

Alexa is listed as one of Architectural Digest's Top 100 Designers
Learn more about Alexa, following in her father's footsteps, by visiting their site, 


Purchase her new book, 'The Language of Interior Design' at:

Barnes & Noble



Lorial of Decodame chatting up design with Charlotte Moss, April 2011

Charlotte's latest book, 'Charlotte Moss Decorates; The Art of Creating Elegant and Inspired Rooms', has just gone into it's second printing!

Learn more about Charlotte by visiting her ever-changing NYC shop
and website at 

Purchase Charlotte's most recent book, along with her previous 5 books on design at:


barnes & noble.com



Jan 2011:
Lorial of Decodame with muti-talented HGTV host Eric Stromer.

Eric not only hosts shows for HGTV, but also acts, writes screenplays, columns, books
and is currently working his debut country album.  
Learn more about Eric on his website, 

Eric hosts HGTV's show 'Over Your Head', view Eric's show online by clicking here...


View his videos for Aol 'Trade Secrets from the Pros'
Eric has also written a book on Home Renovations:  'Do it Yourself Family'


Feb 2011:
Lorial  of Decodame, with the accomplished Minimalist Designer, Jennifer Post.

Learn more about Jennifer on her site, JenniferPostDesign.com
Jennifer is listed as one of Architectural Digest's top 100 Designers
and was the youngest designer to ever be included in the list.


November 2010:
Lorial of Decodame, with Juan Montoya
Juan has created many beautiful interiors using French Art Deco furnishings...
World renowned Interior Designer, Juan Montoya's latest book is available now
from your favorite bookseller.
Learn more about Juan Montoya at: Juan Montoya Design.com
Juan is listed as one of Architectural Digest's top 100 Designers.
Purchase the book online at the following U.S. websites:



Feb 2011: Celebrating...
Lorial of Decodame, with Designer David Easton.
Although world renown for his Traditional Architectural and Interior Designs,
David is now an avid lover of Modern Design !
His First book, "Timeless Elegance" has sold out in it's first printing!
Learn more about David on his site, DavidEastonInc.com
David is listed as one of Architectural Digest's top 100 Designers.

Purchase the book online at the following U.S. websites:




Dec 2010:
Lorial of Decodame, with Architect / Designer Campion Platt.

Campion is known for his love of Modern Design and eclectic and functional interiors.
He is also listed as one of Architectural Digest's top 100 designers
Learn more about Campion by visiting his website, CampionPlatt.com
or by purchasing his new book: Made to Order

Purchase Campion's book online at the following U.S. websites:


Lorial with HGTV Designer, Joe Ruggerio

You may find us listed in blogs throughout the internet:


Delight.com, a wonderful online resource to find hundreds of online stores and boutiques, hand-picked to provide a broad selection of design driven boutiques and storefronts that offer amazing items and great customer service.

Decodame.com on Stylehive

Decodame.com on Kaboodle

Design Bloggers, please email us with any photo requests, we are happy to oblige.



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