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Art Nouveau Paris Metro Rail Section
Designed by Hector Guimard for the Paris Metro
Original design is Circa 1900, France
We are now offering cast reproductions made from an original rail.

Limited supply available, use these for a short rail area at the top of a stairway,
as a bed headboard insert, or wall decoration..
These items are an icon of Art Nouveau design.
Made from an original rail (that we have already sold),
the details and wonderful design were preserved in our custom mold.

Although the Paris Metro is still in existence, over the years, the city of Paris and the Metro authorities
have changed many of the station entries, to more modern designs.
The original station entries still feature these wonderful designs by Hector Guimard.
When the original stations were dismantled, they were given to long time employees as retirement gifts.
To our knowledge, they have never been offered publicly for sale and
would now be considered as a 'national treasure' and not allowed to leave France.

Dimensions: 30 " Wide, 19" High, 4" Projection.

Item # AGAA13: Price: $ 8,500 each. 2 Available

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We are also offering reproductions of the other style of Hector Guimard rail
(original pictured below) that was used,
see item # AGAA12

For more history on the Paris Metro, click on the web links below:

Online Article: National Gallery Of Art, Washington D.C.
 " The Nation's Premier Art Museum
 Acquires One Paris Metro Entrance By Guimard For It's Collection "
Part of the Art Nouveau exhibit in  2000, which traveled the world.

See and hear the audio exhibit here

Also, The Toledo Museum Sculpture Garden

This website features many photos of many of the Paris Metro Entrances,
as well as a Biography on Hector Guimard and other examples of his work:



 * Bio : Hector Guimard ( 1867- 1942 )

Architect, Furniture Designer and Crafts Artist.
Born in Lyon, France. Hector Guimard is revered to be one of the prominent designers of the Art Nouveau era.
Studied in Paris, where he began his design practice.
He helped to create French Art Nouveau design by advocating a style based on organic forms and exuberant ornamentation. Inspired by some of the new Architectural theories in the late 1800's, he produced some exceptional avant-garde designs, including the iconic Paris Metro, which he designed for the  1900 Exposition Universelle.

Hector Guimard was one of the first Art Nouveau and Art Deco designers of the period,
who, along with designers Eugene Grasset, Raoul Lachenal, Paul Folllot, Maurice Dufrene and Emile Decoeur, joined together to create 'The Societe Des Artistes Decorateurs'
They planned and created an exhibit of forward thinking modern design known as the 1925 Paris Exposition.

This is a overall (above) and close-up (below) of one of the original rails we have previously sold.
The mold we are using for the reproductions we are offering now, were made from this original rail.

Additional Photos of the Reproduction we are offering:



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